Sunday, November 9, 2014

How about a third 64-bit Zelda?

Now when the developer Grezzo has done such a good job porting Ocarina of time to the Nintendo 3DS, and by the looks of it, an equally good job porting over Majora’s Mask, I wonder if Nintendo will let them take their engine and produce an original Nintendo 64 style Zelda game? They have the engine and the assets already, and Nintendo has outsourced their portable Zelda games before. They famously let Capcom develop their Zelda game for the Game Boy Advance.

Being a huge fan of the Nintendo 64 era of Zelda games I would love for something like this to happen. Maybe they could do a new take on Ocarina of Time, creating something similar to A Link Between Worlds with its basis in A Link to the Past. That way Grezzo could build on a version of Hyrule they are already familiar with and it would be the ultimate form of fan service for those Nintendo fans like myself who still consider Ocarina of Time to be the best game ever made.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

3D trophies

Like many 3DS owners I have gradually gone from playing with the 3D slider at max, to now only using the stereoscopic 3D sparingly. I find Smash Bros to be one of those many games that are best enjoyed with the 3D turned off, there is simply too much going on in that game. There is however one aspect of this game that is greatly enhanced by the systems 3D capabilities, that is the trophy collecting. Or more specifically the enjoyment that comes from looking over the status various angles while reading the short and often clever descriptions that accompanies the digital collectibles. This is the sort of thing the stereoscopic 3D is great for, taking an individual object and making it pop out of the screen. Since I will have to wait another month to fill up my shelfs with actual Amiibo figurines, until then these 3D models will have to do.