Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small yet greatly appreciated improvements

There has been a lot of talk about Nintendo's tightening up of the triforce hunt and including the new Swift Sale in Wind Waker HD. There has however been some more subtle control related changes as well. Anyone who has played a 3D Zelda, especially Ocarina of Time will remember the control issues related to pulling/climbing. I don't know how many times I climbed up on a box instead of pulling it like I wanted to and vice versa. I'm sure there is some logic to when the action button trigger one action and not the other but honestly after hundreds of hours of exploring Hyrule I have yet to figure it out. In this latest Zelda adventure this classic problem has been fixed and the two actions are no longer mapped to the same button.
Another tricky thing when it comes to controlling link has always been tossing items as opposed to simply putting them down. I know that Link puts them down if he is standing still and throws them if he is moving once the action button is pressed. But with bombs this has always been a bit of a problem since you are unlikely to be willing to wait that extra half a second to be sure that Link now for sure is standing still and won't toss the bomb when you simply want to place it carefully next to its intended target. Like with the pull/climb issue this little annoyance has now been solved by mapping the two actions to two different buttons. I actually blew myself up repeatedly before I figured this out. I kept throwing bombs at the rock next to me when I just wanted to put a bomb down at the foot of the rock, so they all bounced right back at me until I was presented with the Game Over screen and decided to start pressing some new buttons.