Monday, September 19, 2011

Sneaking in to Castle Town at night

There are several ways to enter Castle Town at night in Ocarina of Time. You can hang out around the castle and wait for nightfall. Later in the game you learn a melody that can turn day to night, so you can of course use that. But the absolutely coolest way to get in to town at night, and the way I originally did it as a kid, is by standing on the drawbridge leading in to town and wait for the sun to set. When nightfall comes the brig is pulled up and you will simply slide off it in to town.

Castle Town is definitely worth a night time visit. There is a lot going on in town at night. So it is a really rewarding secret little secret. There is even a special store that is only open at night where you can play a treasure chest mini-game. Here is another secret, and more of a real one this time. Later in the game when you get the Lens of Truth, you can use that to look through the treasure chests and find out their content beforehand, that way you are guaranteed to always win the treasure chest game, pretty cool.

As you might hear from the tone of this post I'm really enjoying playing through this game again. It's such a good game and I have such fond memories of playing it as a kid.

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