Monday, May 16, 2011

You might have nice legs but you're no Hylian princess

I started playing Okami the other day. It is one of those games I have wanted to play forever, I have had both the PS2 and Wii versions sitting on my shelf tempting me every day for over a year. But I never really felt that I had the necessary 80 hours to spend on it. But now with some newly acquired free time I felt it was finally time for some serious gaming.

Surprisingly playing Okami only makes me want to turn the console off and go dig up Wind Waker from my GameCube collection. It is no secret that Okami borrows heavily from the Zelda series and that is fine but the thing is that Zelda does everything Okami does only better. Aside from its Zelda like gameplay the other draw the game had for me is its gorgeous cell-shaded graphics. But they are still not as beautiful and charming as Wind Wakers cell-shaded graphics. The Zelda like gameplay and the graphical style remind me so much of Wind Waker and of how much better a game it is, that I can't really appreciate Okami for the quality game it surely is.