Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sneaky exploiting iPhone developers

A company run by evil ninjas.

Sometime in the run up to last Christmas when I was filled with the Christmas spirit I downloaded the special Christmas themed version of Angry Birds, the popular iPhone game. Not only was this a cool Advent calendar style game where a new level was unlocked every day, it turns out that it my purchase also included whole other seasons.

Now in the days before Valentine's Day a new update was released adding a whole bunch of Valentine's Day themed levels for free. I thought this unexpected generosity was pretty fucking awesome and I felt really good about the guys over at Rivio. But this positive feeling quickly disappeared when it turned out that to unlock the last three levels in this love themed expansion I had to post some kind of advertisement on Facebook. I simply refuse to spam my Facebook friends since I know how much I hate it when my own news feed gets filled with farmville updates and the like. As a result the completionist in me is quietly weeping.

In a way I have no right to complain since I am getting this whole Valentine's Day expansion for free but I really do hate it when developers try to turn me in to a human spambot.