Friday, February 11, 2011

Should we be looking forward to Paper Mario 3DS?

If you are following the 3DS news you have probably seen some footage of the Paper Mario game for Nintendo's new handheld. This might be the game that convinces me of picking up a DS but it depends entirely on who is developing it, something Nintendo has been very tight lipped about.

As all of you surely know it was Square who first turned Nintendo's Goomba stomping plumber in to a RPG hero with its Super Mario RPG on the SNES. After the relationship between the two Japanese giants turned sour the responsibility to continue the Mario RPG series was handed of to two developers.

With Nintendo's own internal studio Intelligent Systems creators of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem handling the console games, now titled Paper Mario. They quickly proved just as or even more apt at putting together a high class RPG without losing the Mario magic, then the RPG masters at Square. Especially the second Paper Mario game, the one for the GameCube was fantastic, one of my all time favorite role playing games.

The handheld games on the other hand were handed off to AlphaDream know for... well nothing other then the Mario & Luigi games really. Even if they supposedly had some big shots from Square working for them all of the Mario & Luigi RPGs turned out to be disappointments. AlphaDream was able to put out some mediocre RPGs but failed completely when it came to making their games feel like Mario games. Add to that an increasingly confusing control scheme, that just got worse with every game and you have a series of games even the most committed Mario fan like myself had to struggle to get through.

Now of course the big question is who the developer behind Paper Mario 3DS? The fact that it carries the Paper Mario name would make us think it's a Intelligent Systems project, which would be very promising. But at the same time it is a portable game, an arena traditionally handled by AlphaDream.


JJS said...

It's not like Intelligent Systems is any stranger to portables, though. I mean, Advance Wars and Fire Emblem even get brought up in your post.

Taking a closer look at recent history; it looks like they made 8 GBA games, 9 DS games, 5 GCN games, 3 Wii retail games + 2 WiiWare games.

If it was AlphaDream working on it, I don't see why it wouldn't just be another Mario & Luigi game. They've had decent success, so it's not like they're in a position of abandoning that series in shame.

lx4 said...

The paper like design supposedly works very well in 3D. It's the perfect graphical style for the 3DS. So it makes sense for the next portable Mario RPG to be a Paper Mario game.

Anonymous said...

I haven't finished any sort of Mario rpg since Super Mario RPG, so I don't really care either way about this 3DS one, but you've made me want to look into the GC one again..

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