Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, Come On!

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is a cute and fun little Wii game. The graphics are charming and the controls are really good. Unless of course one decides to use the Balance Board which makes the game near uncontrollable.

I would have really enjoyed it if it wasn't for one detail that drove me absolutely mad. Every time you beat a world you have to sit and watch the 10 minute ending credits. Usually this treat is reserved for when you beat the game, this time Sega has decided to be a bit more generous. There are seven worlds in Step & Roll so you will spend a lot of time watching those credits over and over again. And this is not a long game, I probably beat it in around five hours. So a large part of those five hours was spent watching the credits roll. Sure there is a silly little minigame to play while watching the credits but that doesn't help much since it's the type of meaningless minigame your tire of after 2 minutes.

Either the developers over at Sega have a sadistic bent and love to torment their fans, giving the difficulty of the Monkey Ball series that's not a wholly impossible proposition. Or they just suffer from an extreme need for attention. Maybe this is their way to make up for the unfair practice in the early years of the industry when publishers refused to allow developers to put their names in the credits.

I don't know the reason for this highly annoying oddity, what I do know is that it made me want to tear my hair out in frustration. My time has value too Sega! When I only mange to squeeze a few hours of gaming a week in to my busy schedule this is not what I want to spend them on. What's sad is that in six months all I will remember about Step & Roll is likely those never ending credits, not the games charming style, its excellent controls or its challenging yet very satisfying gameplay.

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