Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fighting piracy in the marketplace

Video game publishers are constantly coming up with new more complex anti piracy measures. And the kids on the Internet are getting more and more proficient at cracking them. I have long argued that publishers must look at piracy not as a problem that can be solved by more advanced DRM but as a competitor they have to beat by offering a superior product.

If publishers and torrent sites are offering seemingly the same product it's no wonder consumers are choosing the free alternative.

The most brilliant anti piracy measure I have ever seen must be the Pokewalker packed in with Gold and Silver. Here Nintendo offered a peripheral that not only enhanced the gaming experience but did so in a way which the pirates couldn't duplicate. They simply beat their competitor in the marketplace by offering a better product.

Not all games can include new crazy peripherals but all retail games offer some non-digital content which the pirates can't duplicate, the packaging and the manual. Now days the trend seems to be towards thinner and thinner manuals, that's all wrong! Give us nice full color manuals with content gamers would actually want to read. Don't stop there, throw in an art book, get some big name comic book artist or something to do the art. Maybe throw in some collectible cards, anything to enhance the value of the boxed copy.

And don't forget the box art. Most game boxes look generic and boring. Spend some time on the box art, make sure it's something we want to put on our shelfs. And for God sake use some decent paper. A jpeg I get off the Internet and print on some hi quality paper looks noticeably better then what you sell us. No wonder consumers are indifferent between owning the digital and the physical copy of your game when you have made sure the physical copy isn't viewed as a collectable.

Publishers can never compete with the Internet on price so they have to do so by offering superior content. And they are doing a shit job at it. You don't need a degree in economics to realize that if one seller charges $0 for a product and another seller charges $60 for an identical product consumers will choose to pay $0. Publishers have to offer something their competitor isn't, give the consumers a reason to pay you.


Anonymous said...

The peripheral thing is a good point. It would be a good tactic from the anti-piracy standpoint, particularly when the thing truly enhances the gameplay and it's included with high-profile titles (like, as you said, Pokemon).

I for one would love to see more full color manuals with extra stuff. Unfortunately I don't think many people really give a shit about that kind of thing, and the people who do are the ones actually already paying for the games regardless.

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