Monday, April 12, 2010

Why iPhone should become the new shooter platform

My recent experiences with Espgaluda II has convinced me that the iPhone could and should become the new home of the shmup genre. I put together a list of my arguments for the iPhone becoming the new shooter platform.

• To my great surprise touch controls work amazingly well for shooters. They offer far better precession then analog sticks while unlike D-pads giving you the ability to choose the speed of movement, simply fantastic.

• I love shooters but I'm not turning my expensive HDTV on it's side. The iPhone screen one the other hand is already vertical so it's perfect for vertically scrolling shooters.

• No international shipping needed, the days of ordering shooters from Play Asia would be over thanks to the app store.

• More then satisfactory graphical capabilities. Shooters don't need massive power, the Dreamcast has been the home for shooters long past it's prime. And the iPhone can definitely output graphics comparable to those on Dreamcast.

• It has become harder and harder for shooters to get access to limited retail shelf space in recent years. Luckily the Internet has no shortage of space and Apple has shown that they will allow all kinds of crap on the app store so a quality shooter shouldn't have any trouble.

• Finally the type of nerds who play this type of games are the same nerds who stand in line for the iPad. It's not like the shooter fan-base is made up of housewives.


Leon said...

On the other hand, Apple is a fascist organization with illusions of grandeur.

Not that schmups are a genre that usually gets censored, but I just don't trust the evil empire.

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