Monday, April 19, 2010

The Holy Trinity of iPhone apps

Dear readers I have had a revelation. It has suddenly become clear to me that almost all my iPhone use, and internet use for that matter is done through three apps: Reeder, Tweetie and Instapaper. I come to all but leave my trusted web browser behind. You could say I have reached a higher plane of internet usage to stay within the quasi religious tone of this post.

First of all we have the Father Reeder. This clever little RSS reader lets me use my Google Reader account to subscribe to the feeds of all the sites I used to visit daily. Now instead I get them delivered to me in a pleasent looking, easy to read layout.

Together with Reeder we have another app which helps me keep track of what's happening in the world, in both its digital and its material forms, the latter form commonly referred to as IRL by the beings residing in the former. This second component of our set of three is the Son Tweetie. This app lets me read the 'tweets' of my fellow nerds in a much more pleasant way then the Twitter website.

Then finally, to complete this Trinitas we have the Holy Spirit Instapaper. This app is very helpful if used the right way. Through my usage of Reeder and Tweetie I often come across articles and other texts that would take me more then the 30 seconds I have available to read. Since both of these apps have Instapaper integration I can with the push of a button save them in my read it later list. That's just what Instapaper is for, it saves articles you feel you lack the time to read at that very moment and re-formats them in to a very readable format. So whenever I want something to read I always have a bunch of interesting articles saved in my Instapaper to read list, accessible both on my phone and PC.

Together these three have completely revolutionized the way I interact with the internet. You could say there has been a reformation in my consumption of web-based content.