Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How retail lead to the pussyfication of 20XX

By adding an in between level store to later Mega Man games Capcom have indirectly removed any challenge from the series. Or rather they have left it up to the player to decide how challenging a game they want depending on how much they choose to utilize the store. Making me wonder why they even included an easy mode in Mega Man 10?

In Mega Man 10 you will have a few hundred screws (the in game currency) in no time, the game practically showers you with money. And they must be using slave labor Mega Man land because everything is dirt cheap, probably why there are almost no humans around. An E-tank to fully replenish your health is 20 screws, a robot bird that saves you if you fall down a pit also 20 screws and an item that halves all your damage is 50 screws.

This means that you don't really have to try and dodge any boss attacks if you don't want to. If you paid a visit to the shop to stock up on E-tanks you can pretty much stand in one spot and fire at the boss since you now have upwards of 18 times the health (9 E-tanks and a 1/2 dmg) you would otherwise.

Mega Man levels are supposed to be well designed balls hard challenges that you try over and over again until you beat them, that is what makes them so much fun. By in effect making the difficulty level optional they leave it up to the player to completely ruin his own experience. Mega Man games now require a large a degree of self discipline from players. It's like climbing Mount Everest with an escalator running next to you all the time.

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