Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zelda Zelda Zelda!

I have been playing a lot of A Link to the Past lately and it struck me how much that game is like Ocarina of Time. Although I played A Link to the Past before Ocarina back in the day never noticed how much they are alike. I was so blown away by the 3d graphics to notice that they are basically the same game. And Im not talking about the big stuff like Kokiri village or Gannon returning in monster form, whoops spoilers.

No Im talking about the little things that I so distinctly remember from Ocarina but I totally forgot I had experienced before on the SNES. For example to reach the Zoras you have to walk upstream through this really long shallow lake to find the Zoras hidden away, I remember this blowing my mind in Ocarina. But wait, that was in A Link to the Past too. And in the beginning of Ocarina when you visit Zelda you can see a portrait of Mario hanging on the wall inside the castle. I thought that was so cool back in the day. But what I had forgotten was that in A Link to the Past there were Mario portraits hanging all over the place. This amazing Nintendo synergy wasnt all that original.

I have always believed that it was Ocarina of Time that revolutionized the Zelda games and created the modern Zelda formula Nintendo have so slavishly followed since. But it turns out its A Link to The past they have been remaking over and over again.

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