Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Beautiful Trio

This feels very weird saying but it seems to me that the three best looking games this generation might actually be Wii games.

Usually the small white box is looked down at for its inability to handle HD. But when it comes to 2D games this is actually working in its favor. Since it makes it possible to create hand drawn graphics on a reasonable budget.

Funny how things work out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Back in black

Im back on the horse again! After a long time of no gaming (with the possible exception of solitaire on my Ipod) I have started to do some serious gaming again. The game that got my attention is the graphical masterpiece Wario Land. It has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time now, I havent touched it since I got stuck at a particularly annoying boss almost a year ago. Now that boss is beaten along with the rest of the game.

I'm not so sure that it was that good of a game asides from the graphics. But the whole collect-a-thon aspect to it was strangle satisfying. Maybe its just that I was so seriously starved of games but I got some pleasure from finding all the secret levels, collecting hidden treasures and doing the endless array of challenges. The type of pork that is usually added to artificially extend the length of game. But this time it was more fun then the actual game itself.

White blob of relaxation

The key concept in the design of Kirby games seem to be that everyone should be able to finish them, while still having an enjoyable experience. This appears to be just as true with the original Kirby's Dream Land as it is with his more recent outings. This very Nintendo like characteristic of the series makes the old GameBoy classic Kirby's Dream Land perfect for a very pleasant and relaxed afternoon play session. Which happens to be one of the few times I have gotten the chance to sit down and do some gaming the past few weaks. One I'm never the less thankful for.

And oh yea, Kirby was white instead of pink back in the GameBoy era, kinda freaks me out.