Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank you for playing

I have written before about the wonderful GameBoy emulator for DS; LameBoy and yes its everything but lame. Ever since I got it up and running on my lite I have been replaying the games of my childhood. One of my best friends had a copy of Megaman IV, not to be confused with Megaman 4 which is completely different alto I can see how people can make that mistake. You see for some reason 4 written with roman numerals changes everything but hey at least Capcom gave us some way of distinguishing the GB games from its cousins on the NES. Maybe with IV they mean Intravenous drip, you know those bags with liquid they hook you up with at the hospital. But somehow I doubt it since there is also a Megaman III and a Megaman V.

Anywho I was saying that my buddy had a copy of Megaman IV, I remember I used to borrow it from him all the time. So as Im reliving my childhood with a little help of a GameBoy emulator I eventually got around to playing Megaman IV.

It was much easier then I remembered it being. Nothing like the painfully hard Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (the first of the Megaman GB games) which I recently replayed. Maybe Capcom figured out that most GameBoy owners were 10 year olds or that it was impossible to see anything on that screen except under perfect light conditions so they better turn down the difficulty a notch. Not only is the levels and the Robot Masters easier there is also a much more generous checkpoint system and if you die a few times Dr. Light will offer to double the power of your Mega Buster (yes please). There is even a store now where you can pick up items that will replenish your health and refill you weapons.