Monday, August 17, 2009

10 tigers

I have been playing Tiger Woods 10 (as in 2010, its actually the 12th game) for Wii. It still a while until the new Wii Sports comes out so for now the only games supporting the Motion Plus are EA games, so thats what Im stuck playing.

The controls are great, no cross that out they are fantastic. But the game just looks so freaking bland and boring. If it wasnt for the motion controls I wouldnt touch this game with a ten foot pole. If they just gave the game a bit of style I would love it. Honestly Mario Golf for the N64 looks more appealing to me then this generic mess. The world, the characters and even the menus, everything just looks dead to me.

Speaking of Mario Golf, I would love this game with Mario characters and a colorful Nintendo setting. Or an anime inspired look like in the Hot Shots series, it would bring so much life to the game. I would even be perfectly happy with a minimalistic Wii Sports look. Anything other then this.

You often hear gamers, especially Nintendo fans this generation saying things like graphics dont matter. They are wrong. The game doesnt have to look "good" on a technical level, the polygon count doesnt really matter. In that way they are right but it needs to be visually appealing. I will happily play through a 10 or 20 year old game if has some style. Super Mario Bros still looks good, Tiger Woods looks like shit.