Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer of RPGs

This summer for me has been filled with classic RPGs, I went back and beat Chrono Trigger and then Final Fantasy VI which I have written about extensively here on Whatcha been playing. What I havent written about at all is Dragon Quest V which I started playing after I was done with FF6 and recently finished. Maybe thats because there isnt that much to say about it. Its a very simple and generic RPG. The Dragon Quest games havent really changed much at all since the original so everything feels very familiar, its what the kids would call an old school rpg, hell it would still have been considered old school 10 year ago.

Its also true that the whole JPRG genre is basically based on copying Dragon Quest so its not really its own fault for feeling generic. Its just following its own blueprint which has been copied a million times by other games.

The fifth one does some interesting stuff tho. It lets you play through three generations of heroes, You begin as a kid following your dad around, after you father dies you play as a young adult and finally you have your own kids who follow you in to battle. So there is some real story here but its not presented like it is in the Final Fantasy games where the story feels central to the game. Here its more like an 8bit game where you get a few text bubbles in between hours of grinding.

As I said its simple and you have played games just like many times before but its still very well made and a really charming little game. It gives the player a nice world to grind his characters in without too much story or complicated game mechanics to get in the way. I very much enjoyed it.

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