Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Super deformed fantasy

The gba port of final fantasy 6 has some cool new additions. One of those is the character portraits that now accompany the dialog. Other then making the dialog easier to follow it has the added benefit of showing you how the Terra and the others look in more detail.

This depiction of them sometimes stand in sharp contrast to how the characters are depicted as sprites. Maybe its just a side effect of having less pixels to work with but the character sprites in game look a lot less realistic. The sprite version of the characters also express their emotions in a very exadurated way, again probably a necessity when working with so few pixels but it makes them seem more cartoon like. I would say that they are almost super deformed, especially in contrast to the character portraits.

I really like this combination of two art styles, it lets you view the games heroes and villains from two different perspectives. You get to see them as cute and playful sprites but also as depicted in a more mature and realistic fashion. It reminds me of another FF game, Final Fantasy 7. Where you had almost super deformed 3D characters in combination with their very realistic depiction in cut scenes.

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