Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strategy RPGs - I really want to like them

Im training myself. There are so many cool looking strategy rpgs out there. Especially for the DS, Atlus has brought over a ton of quirky and interesting looking strategy rpgs from Japan. I really want to like them. In the past I have been turned off by how long the battles take and how complicated and hard the games have been. I hate to spend half an hour in one battle only to die and have to start over. I have been burned bad especially by fire emblem where when a character dies, HE IS LOST FOR EVER. No phoenix downs to save the day in those games. That evil fucking game even auto saves after every turn to make sure they stay dead.

As I said Im training myself, Im going to make myself like this type of game. Im thinking that if I just get good enough at them and used playing them I wont be as frustrated and be able to enjoy them.

I decided to ease myself in to the genre with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. Its a spin off to a series I love and I should be familiar with all the spell names etc. Plus the best thing about it is that if a character dies, you can bring them back as many times as you like. And get this, they even return to life after every battle. SCREW YOU FIRE EMBLEM.