Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I spent the better part of the day today playing Cho Aniki. I figured out that the thing with pattern based games like shooters is that you just have to keep playing and you will slowly get better. I went from not being able to beat the first level this morning to beating the game on easy, then on normal and finally 5 minutes ago, beating it on hard.

Mastering something very challenging brings with it a certain kind of satisfaction. When I play Mega Man 9 and kick ass at it I feel good. Same thing with Cho Aniki only Cho Aniki isnt as well designed as Mega Man and has a degree of randomness to it. The wonderful thing about Mega Man is that when you die its always your fault, you cant blame anyone else. With Cho Aniki you often die without even seeing the bullet because there is simply so much crap on the screen. This is whats stopping me from going for a 1cc in this game. That is beating it on one continue, which I did on Mega Man 9 hell I even beat that game on one life. But I feel that I cant do that with Cho Aniki without throwing my controller at the wall repeatedly.

Still beating the game on hard isnt too bad either. Its a shooter after all, a genre where the easy difficulty would be the hard mode in other games.