Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick save

One thing I love about GameBoy games is that they often have a quick save future. In short a save file that erases itself after it has been loaded once, very useful if you lets say have to get off the buss while at the same time not making the game easier by allowing the player to save right before the tricky parts.

Sadly this is a feature most DS games lack, Castlevania being the exception. They arent needed in the same way since you can simply close the lid, but that drains the battery. Having you DS in you backpack all day in sleep mode will leave you with very little battery for the train ride home.

When I think about it maybe it would be a useful feature in all games, portable as well as console games. I dont know how many nights I have stayed up far too long, or almost missed an appointment trying to reach the next save point.

Again Im not proposing every game should use save states or some other form of save anywhere feature since that would mess up the difficulty. What I would like to see is a quick save future like the one we see in gba games or the similar functionality the virtual console games offer.

Imagine if you could just push the Home/Playstation/Xbox button on your console of choice returning to the menu and then turn the power off. The next day when you have a few minutes of free time you could simply boot up the console and return to the same place in the game where you left off.

This type of functionality saved my life this morning on the buss when I was playing Final Fantasy VI . If I could do the same with my consoles at home I would probably be more likely to sneak in half an hour of gaming even on my busy days.

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