Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mega Man nostalgia

Back when I was a kid I had the first of the Mega Man games for GameBoy. It was a mix of levels of bosses from Mega Man 1 and 2 as well as some original content. I remember it being impossibly hard. I only managed to beat one of bosses once, I think it was the cleverly named Elec man. Which ever of the bosses it was I was amazed when I found out I got to take over his power after I defeated him. All of my firends of cource also had Mega Man games for their GameBoys but I dont think any of them had been able to beat any of the Robot Masters so I had no idea this was a possibility.

Today with the help of the wonderful lameboy emulator for DS I went back to the game for the first time in I dont know how many years. Either my reflexes or my video game skills must have improved because I found I was now able to beat the game. Something which would have been inconceivable back in my early years of gaming.

What I found chocking was that when I got to the classic part before Wily when you have to defeat all of the previus bosses in a row you no longer fight the same old robots you beat earlier in the game. In thier place there were instead five brand new bosses.

This was cool in a way but it also messes up the Mega Man formula. The reason why you are able to beat a bunch of powerful bosses in a row without the ability to save is that you have beaten them before and know their weaknesses. With new bosses this doesnt work and it seems almost unfair. Luckily the GameBoys limited capabilities puts some limits on complexity of their patterns so they arent that hard to figure out.

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