Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is Chrono Jesus?

As Im finishing up Chrono Trigger I started thinking, an unfortunate side effect of repeatative rpg battles. As I was pushing A repeatedly while once in a while glancing down checking characters health I started entertaining the idea that the games main character Chrono is a metaphor for Christ. Even if it is one based on a narrow Japanese view of Christianity. If you have ever seen an episode of Evengelion you know how the Japanese loved to use Christian symbolism and biblical references in the 90s to create some mysterious epic feel in their fiction. Chrono Trigger might not be as obvious about it but its still there, or at least I have manged to convince myself that it is after a lot of not so eventful turn based grinding.

The most obvious reference is the death and resurrection of Chrono. The antic civilization has doomed itself by their use of the magic energy drained from Lavos and all is about to end when Chrono selflessly sacrifices his life to save everyone, you could say he dies for their sins. But since he is essential to the salvation of humankind from their bleak and terrible future he is allowed to come back to life, he is resurrected.

Then there is Chronos family. Chronos mother is a reoccurring figure in the story but there is no father in the story, there isnt even any mention of a father. Maybe a case of virgin birth? It certainly doesnt hurt the Christ metaphor. Now when I have it written down the arguments seem a bit weak, but its an entertaining thought at least.


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