Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am looking for a Mr. Gitaroo?

I just beat Gitaroo Man, the credits are actually rolling on the TV as Im writing this. My thumbs and my neck hurt from the last boss. My whole body was tense the whole time as I was focusing 100% on the screen to pull off some of those near impossible riffs.

It took me two days to beat that game and I played a lot. But its an old school sort of game in the way that if I went back to it now I could probably beat it in less then an hour. The length of the game is completely dependent on its difficulty. Which might have been one of the reasons it was made to be so ridiculously hard.

Now I paid almost nothing for this game but I can imagine someone who paid full price for it being pretty pissed if he beat it in 40 minutes. With this level of difficulty tho I doubt anyone will be able to beat it on his first try.

Now of course the difficulty didnt only give the game some lasting appeal it made it in to one of the most satisfying rhythm games I have played. Pulling off some of those crazy combos really felt good.

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