Monday, July 6, 2009

Here I was thinking Square games were all about the story

If you read my previous post you know about my border line obsessive playing of Chrono Trigger. Now me getting all 15 endings does say something about my social life. But more relevant to the niche of this blog, it says something about the other game I stopped playing to go back and beat Chrono Trigger again and again. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 just isnt that great of a game.

Now the battles arent bad, they are even kinda fun which is a generous thing for me to say about a strategy RPG. Its the story thats lacking, its not bad either there just is too little of it. It doesnt really provide a motivation to keep on playing. In short the story in A2 is basically about a boy doing cool stuff so he can write about it in his journal. I need a bit more of a reason to go on with such mediocre gameplay, even a generic rpg story about some kids saving the world and some feminine super villain would be fine.