Monday, July 6, 2009


Summer vacation is a beautiful thing. It gives you the opportunity to do such things as getting all the 15 different endings to Chrono Trigger. Which is what I just did, yes all 15 (!) of them.

Now before you get too impressed let me clearafy, this doesnt mean I played through the game beginning to end 15 times. The different endings are obtained by defeating the final boss at different points in the game. Normally you wouldnt be nearly strong enough to beat him until the very end but thanks to the New Game + function you can replay the game with all the experience and equipment you collected during your first play though. So now its possible to do such things as teleport to the last boss 10 minutes in to the game and kick his ass. Still beating that thing 15 times, or 21 as I did for some reason still takes a considerable amount of time and an additional play through even at a high level takes time in a story heavy RPG.

Some of the endings were definitely worth it, especially the hardest one after which you get to meet and talk to all the developers, hear their complaints about working 24h days etc. Other endings were little more then the ending credits with some new animations, but even those satisfied the completionist streak in me. Its a gotta catch em all kind of thing, even if its a Magikarp.