Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little too much explaining...

About halfway through Yoishi's story I got to this water world. Before you get to jump in to the water there is a very helpful hint box. It tells you “to control Yoshi under water use the control stick”. Thank you Nintendo I couldnt have figured that one out myself. Its not like I could have gotten through half of the game without realizing what the control stick does.

Talking about the control stick, this gives me a good reason to wine about something else. Why do I have to use the control stick in a game thats basically is a 2d platformer with some fancy 3d effects. Why cant I just use the D-pad, it makes these types of games so much easier to control. Maybe it has something to do with it being one of the first N64 games and Nintendo wanting to force gamers to learn to use the new control stick. Anyhow I never felt like I had full control over Yoshi, not until that underwater level I was talking about earlier, the one with the stupid hint box. There they had actually remade the whole swimming mechanism to allow Yoshi to swim in all 360 degrees. There it made a lot of sense to use the control stick but since the rest of the game is on land it almost ruins the game. Now if I had been allowed to use the D-pad the maybe the “use the control stick” box would have made some sense on the water level.

Cloud N. Candy

I downloaded Yoshi's story from the Virtual console and I cant believe I haven't played this game before since Im basically in love with Yoshi. For those of you who think Nintendo games are too cute and childish, well lets just say you should stay away from this one. Me on the other hand I love that about Nintendo games.

Here is a good example, the first Boss the Yoshis fight is on the sky level. Among all the clouds they run in to a cloud thats made up of cotton candy and his name is (this is just brilliant!) Cloud N Candy. And you have too beat him by licking him until there is nothing left. Isnt that just Amazing?


I started playing the gba remake of the first Final Fantasy game. Not because its a great game but because I needed something to level up. Its a good game for pushing A and watching your guys grew with no story to get in the way.

Perfect Cherry Blossom

I have been playing this Touhou shooter like crazy. I had never played a Touhou game before and I have to agree with this guy being a genius. For those who dont know the Touhou games are bullet hell shooters made by one guy alone, graphics music all of it. And they are known for being the best out there.

The game I decided to start with was Perfect Cherry Blossom, I just think that name of the game describes the whole genre so well. Since all you do is dodge beautiful complex bullet patterns that really does remind me of a cherry blossom.