Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sonic Rush 2: What if Sonic had a boat

The first Sonic Rush was great, possibly the best 2D Sonic game ever. So you can understand if had high hopes for the sequel. But in typical Sega fashion they ruined the game by including a lot of stupid stuff that has nothing to do with Sonic. What made the first game so great was that It was all Sonic levels, no bullshit. For this game the gimmick is boat travel, you have to build different touch screened controlled boats to travel between level. So for every 10 minutes of high speed Sonic gameplay (which is still fantastic) you have to spend 10 minutes on a stupid sailing mini game.

Its like Sega saw Phantom Hourglass and for some godly reason thought that was the right direction for the Sonic series to go in. When will they learn that we buy Sonic games for, yea thats right, for SONIC. We dont need a furry fantasies between Sonic and human princesses, we dont need Sonics stupid friends (that includes Cream the Rabbit, even if its a brilliant name) and we dont need freaking boats. All we need is a blue hedgehog who runs fast.

Im a sucker for Yoshi

The second Picross NP pack has a Yoshis Island theme, I mean how can I resist playing that. The fact that the tiles Im filling in will wound up looking like something resembling a Yoshi character shouldnt matter to me. It doesnt change the gameplay in any way. But it does, it really does. That ladies and gentlemen is proof of my Yoshi fanboyism if nothing else.