Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a wonderful game

Mother 3 really has it all. Its one of the most graphically beautiful Game Boy Advance games I have ever played, both in terms of detail and style. The music is fantastic, so good that I have actually downloaded the soundtrack. The game is funny and quirky, the dialogue is simply fantastic, the guys over at Starmen deserve massive credit. The battles are simple and quick, just like they should be and the enemies are weird and interesting.

Maybe the best thing is how different the world and the story is, the RPG genera has become so filled with cliches by now that its refreshing to see this much originality.

Mother 3 has all this going for it, I know that its a fantastic game still Im not enjoying it as much as I should be. To tell the truth Im not playing it much at all. Maybe Im just getting tired of JRPGs, I have been playing them constantly for more then a year now.

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