Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you don't know what to do a saturday night - then shag a blue alien

This time a year there is a good game coming out every week. On top of that I have a pile of about 20 games that I havent gotten around to playing yet. For some reason I decided to start replaying last years big release, Mass Effect. My choice of game rarely makes any sense, I dont really know why I decided to pick this game up again. But Im having fun with it and and I guess thats all that really matters.


Leon said...

i did too, finished the dlc mission and explored a little and then made my brother get into it again, he never really played it, and because he loved kotor like crazy i couldnt understand why he didn't give mass effect a chance. okay it isnt star wars and it's a litte speedier. but man, it's hands down the best 360 exclusive yet released.
im continnuing on my vanguard right now, and the shotgun is still dreamy. but im thinking of doing a character without a "split"-class. like engineer, adept or maybe even soldier.
i made a blond christian shepherd kind of adept which i played for only an hour or so, maybe should pick him up again. but im retarded, maybe i should finish the game with my vanguard first.

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