Friday, November 28, 2008

Mermen to the rescue

Im playing Mother three and Im starting to understand why this game was never released outside Japan. In the game Im taking a walk on the sea bed and to not drown I have to use these oxygen refilling machines.

All this makes sense in the world of video games but what youre not used to is the machines looking like male mermaids. These "mermen" then use their large lipstick covered lips to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. After the refill/makeout session your characters leave blushing with a guilty look on their face.

This is just one of the odd homoerotic element in mother 3. Nintendo being such a conservative company I can understand them not releasing this game in the west. Even if they did put Cho aniki for the Virtual Console.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you love riding elevators or do you dream of climbing mountains with your car?

If the answer is yes on either one of those questions then Mass Effect is definitely the game for you. If not, then there you have Mass Effects two biggest problems.

You will be taking long elevator rides everywhere, its a clever way to hide loading screens but damn you get tired of all those elevators. At least you can entertain yourself by spinning around the camera and looking at your female companions from all sorts of naughty angles.

The other maybe bigger problem is that Bioware expects you to literally climb mountains with your vehicle while exploring alien worlds. You will be driving painfully slow in an almost 10 degree angle to get on top of some of those things. Who thought that sounded like a fun thing to do?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mega Man 9 is for babies

I know I said Mega Man 9 was a hard game, Im taking that back now. Mega Man 9 isnt a hard game, Super Contra now that is a hard game. It makes Mega Man seem like a cakewalk.

Somehow I was able to beat the GameBoy Advance port of the game just now, Not sure how I did it. This must be the hardest game I have ever finished, makes me feel kinda bad ass.

If you don't know what to do a saturday night - then shag a blue alien

This time a year there is a good game coming out every week. On top of that I have a pile of about 20 games that I havent gotten around to playing yet. For some reason I decided to start replaying last years big release, Mass Effect. My choice of game rarely makes any sense, I dont really know why I decided to pick this game up again. But Im having fun with it and and I guess thats all that really matters.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Such a wonderful game

Mother 3 really has it all. Its one of the most graphically beautiful Game Boy Advance games I have ever played, both in terms of detail and style. The music is fantastic, so good that I have actually downloaded the soundtrack. The game is funny and quirky, the dialogue is simply fantastic, the guys over at Starmen deserve massive credit. The battles are simple and quick, just like they should be and the enemies are weird and interesting.

Maybe the best thing is how different the world and the story is, the RPG genera has become so filled with cliches by now that its refreshing to see this much originality.

Mother 3 has all this going for it, I know that its a fantastic game still Im not enjoying it as much as I should be. To tell the truth Im not playing it much at all. Maybe Im just getting tired of JRPGs, I have been playing them constantly for more then a year now.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

“I am a Contra”

I have been playing Contra Advance in short bursts for a few months now, trying to beat level 4. I always died fighting this robot ninja boss while hanging off an helicopter (yes Contra is awesome).

Today I figured out his pattern and was able to beat him, but SURPRISE right after him is another even harder boss. So Im pretty much fucked, maybe Im not man enough to beat this game.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Kirby company

Mario has been Nintendo's mascot since the 80's but perhaps the Nintendo character that best characterizes the companies current nature would be the pink blob known as Kirby.

Nintendo has under the new leadership of Satoru Iwata transformed in to a company targeting a wider range of consumers. Aiming it's products at not only traditional gamers but also casual gamers and even non-gamers. To achieve this they have sought to simplify their games and make them more approachable.

Satoru Iwata prior to his relatively new position as the president of Nintendo, had spent his entire professional life working for HAL Laboratory. A Nintendo 2nd party developer responsible for among others the Kirby games. A platforming series built with the ambition of making a game that all players would be able to finish. Putting it in stark contrast to other games of the 8-bit generation which were characterized by high difficulty, games that only more skilled players could hope to finish.

I would argue that Iwata's vision for Nintendo and his view of what games should offer can be traced back to HAL and maybe the Kirby series in particular. That the Kirby games embodies what would come to be the new company philosophy.

Simple and
accessible games designed with a broader demographic in mind. Mario might be a far more popular character and one more closely linked to Nintendo in the minds of the consumers, but the new generation of Nintendo games have more in common with the fundamentals of the Kirby series then those of any Mario game.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


A real accomplishment when playing a Shmup is to beat the game on one continue. Among more hard core Shmup players thats whats considered beating a game. Its not enough to finish it, which is hard enough in many of these games, you have to do it on one continue. The equivalent of walking in to an arcade and beating the game on one quarter.

I have been trying hard to do this in Castle of Shikigami III. Thats why its still on my 'been playing' list after having finished it a dozen times. I have gotten close, only to mess up on the last boss. Sometime I will do it and until then its staying on the 'been playing' list.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crazy people are much more fun

When I first entered the capital of the Shivering Isles a crouching man cough my attention. At first I thought he was sneaking around, maybe trying to steal something. But no, it turns out he believes that the walls are about to fall down on him. And he is deathly afraid of all types of walls.

This crazy person is indicative of all the islands inhabitants. Even if some might seem fine at first, they all turn out to be seriously messed up in the head. This makes the games dialog both interesting and entertaining and you will want to talk with everyone in the game.