Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A dose of pure gaming!

I have been very busy recently and I havent had much time for games. School, friends and my other interests have taken up all of my time. Still I do need my fix. The little time I have spent on gaming has been spent on simplistic, very challenging skill based games. Offering a dose of pure gaming. Gaming focused on hand eye coordination and reflexes as well as some memorisation.

Short games that are meant to be played over and over again demanding that you fully master them to be able to reach the end. You might be able to beat the game in less then an hour but you might have to devote a hundred hours to reach the skill level needed to accomplish this.

This design lends itself to short bursts of gaming which fits me perfectly right now. Their focus on what can be seen as the very core of gaming. Offering simple skillbased gameplay that gives us gamers what we turned to games for in the first place. That old school goodness which is what I have been craving lately. The less time I have to spend on games the less time I want to waste on cinematic presentation, involved storylines and character development. Games in their most basic form like Contra are what I choose to spend my limited game time on right now.