Sunday, June 15, 2008

The underlying theme of Final Fantasy IX

I picked up Final Fantasy IX again today. Its been a while since I played it but so it took me a few hours to get back in to it. As Im nearing the end of the game I think I think I understand what Sakaguchi and the other guys at Square are trying to tell player. The whole game is about finding your purpose in life.

In the early parts of the game all of the main characters find themselves without a reason to exist. The game is very much the story of these characters search for a meaning in life. Their fight to save the kingdom of Alexandria initially fills this void but as the game goes on they find a deeper meaning.

The secondary characters also support this theme, you have both the Black Mages and later the Genomes who are all freed form both mental and physical slavery. Once they gain their freedom they at first dont see any reason for life outside of servitude and are consumed by their fear of death. As they mature and comes to grip with freedom as well as their inevitable death they come to find their own reasons for living. This can be simple things that bring happiness to their lives, like raising an animal or enjoying music. This is a theme I can very much relate to. Having recently left school and graduated in to adulthood I too face have to find my own purpose in life. Maybe thats why Im enjoying the story so much. Its strangely comforting to see these polygonal characters finding happiness in the simple things in life and being very satisfied with that.

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