Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its like a fighter... only its a shooter

Usually in Shmups you can collect different power-ups to customize your ship. Collecting these power-ups and then staying alive to keep them is an essential part of the gameplay. Not in Shikigami tho, here your character already comes fully powered up.

This might sound like it would make the game more repetitious and lessen the replay value but the exact opposite is true. Instead of having to customize your ship by choosing which power-ups to collect mid game you do it by choosing which character to play as before you start the game, like you would in a fighter. Each character has his or her own attacks, feel and storyline making you want to try all of them and in the process replaying the game several times. Not to mention if you want to fully master all of the characters, then you will be playing this game for months. This is a clever way of adding replay value to a game that only takes 20 minutes to play through.

What the developers have completely failed at is balancing the characters. Some are way over powered while others are nearly useless. I only enjoy playing with about half of them while I cant stand the other half. Five good characters is still plenty but I would of course have preferred it if all ten were fun to play with. The game tries to balance this out somewhat by making the weaker character score higher but the higher score cant make up for them being almost unplayable.

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