Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting stuck on the last boss

Something that really annoys me are over powered final bosses, especially in RPGs. You have finished almost the entire game and all you have to do is go and beat up the final boss to see the ending. The story is about to be wrapped up and you know you are going to be treated to a sweet ending cinematic, not to mention that satisfying feeling that comes with beating a game. But it too often turns out that to beat the final boss you have to first spend an hour or two on mindless leveling. Then you can return, beat up the boss and finally finish the game.

Why force the player to do this? The developer knows what level the player will be at and can adjust the last boss after this, like ever other boss. Why make him completely over powered? Is it to artificially prolong the game so that they can brag about it being 50+ hours? Is it some sadistic tactic to show the player how bad ass the final boss is? Either way it annoys me to no end.

This was the reason I never finished Final Fantasy 7, I just couldnt beat Sephiroth at my level. After that long ass game I just couldnt motivate myself to leave the final dungeon and go level up my character. I regret to this day not beating that game, so much so that I have considered replaying it several times.

Why am I whining about this now, over ten years after FF7 came out? It turns out this is also the case in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I have soldiered through that game all the way to the final boss and there is no way I can beat him, I cant even get close. I have to do some serious leveling and I dont know if the game is worth it.

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