Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bullet hell heaven

Im pretty much done with Star Soldier now. I might go back and try to get a million on 2 min mode but Im kinda burned out. I got the hi score in Sweden and Im satisfied with that. Still I feel like playing more shooters so I moved on to Castle of Shikigami 3.

The Shikigami series is very different from the more traditional Star Soldier series. Shikigami is the type of shooter where the whole screen is filled with bullets and you have to navigate through them, hence the term bullet hell. I love the feeling of sliding through massive amounts of colorful bullets to some nice upbeat music. Especially the first level before the game gets hard is fantastic and very relaxing.

Then the game gets hard very fast and requires your full attention. No more chilling out listening to the music. This is especially true in my case since Im not that good at these modern shooters. I have honed my skills on traditional Turbo Grafix shooters and the play style required for those games is very different from that of bullet hell games. Still I will get better at these games, I just need some training.

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