Sunday, June 8, 2008

A beautiful psychedelic dream-like journey

I have never played a shooter other then the Shikigami series that had much of a story. When I played the second game I didnt understand any of it since I was playing a Japanese copy of it. In the third game its all translated but it isnt helping much. I have no idea whats going on. The translation is terrible and the story doesnt make much sense if you havent played the earlier games in English. Still something tells me that even if I had I still wouldnt know what was going on.

The whole thing has a weird surreal feel to it, even the characters themselfs doesnt really seem to be sure why they are in the game. It almost seems like they are dreaming. On top of that they often break the forth wall by commenting on the game itself. Like one of the bosses telling you the game balance is terrible when she loses or one of the playable characters saying she has no idea where she is heading but it must be in the right direction since the enemies are getting stronger.

This in combination with the slowly moving colorful bullet patterns makes it all very trippy. Kinda like a Japanese version of a David Lynch movie. You dont fully know whats going on but thats part of whats makes it so enjoyable.

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