Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amazingly lucky!

I just beat the final boss in Final Fantasy IX and I just had to pause the game to write this. I had an amazing amount of luck against him. We were almost an hour in to the fight and I know he couldnt last much longer when he attacks me with his most powerful attack and wipes out my entire part except one character, Steiner. The problem is that Steiner is stuck in berserk mode and I could do nothing other then watch him attack the boss over and over again.

The funny thing is that the boss kept hitting him with an attack that lowered his health to 1hp and then with a stong thunder attack which Steiner happened to be able to absorb and heal himself. If the boss had decided to use an attack that wasnt electricity based I would be dead, instead he kept knocking Steiners hp down to 1 and then heal him again over and over again. Meanwhile Steiner still stuck in berserk mode kept striking the boss continuously. While this was taking place I could do nothing but sit there and watch for a good minute or two hoping that Steiner would survive long enough to win the battle. Against all odds he did and I couldnt help to mumble the words "fucking epic" to myself while watching the boss slowly slump together and die.

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