Monday, May 12, 2008

Too much plastic?

My room is quickly filling up with plastic exessories for my Wii. Im having a lot of fun with the Zapper and Im warming up to the Wheel but when you think it they are nothing more then cheap white plastic. Still they do their job fairly well.

For the casual crowd they offer a simpler more less intimidating alternative to the traditional controller. Everyone knows how to aim a gun or use a steering wheel. If they get more people to play games Im all for it.

For the more hard core like me who have played so many games that they hunger for innovation and new gaming experiences these exessories offer a fun alternative. Its important to remember that the Zapper and the Wheel are not required for any game, they are optional exessories. If you dont like them thats fine, you dont have to use them. If Nintendo wants to continue serving both the casual and the hard core I believe its important that they keep it that way.