Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to leave the house, the house of the dead that is

Ok that was a bad title but I just couldnt resist. So I beat House of the Dead 3 earlier today. It wasnt nearly as much fun as House of the Dead 2 but it was still a decent game and a must for a House of the Dead fan like me. It took some time for me to finish it, mostly because every time I turned the game on I couldnt help to notice how much better HotD2 is and I went back to replay that again.

When I finally beat the game I unlocked extreme mode, which is the new content for the Wii version. Its much harder and adds a melee attack. Its kinda fun but its so hard that I didnt feel like replaying it a hundred times to beat it. Just trying it out once was enough. I wish they would have added some extra content to HotD2 instead, thats a game I wouldnt mind replaying a hundred times.