Friday, May 9, 2008

Motivating the player (2)

Nintendo are using the same tactic in Links Crossbow Training as they did in Mario Kart to motivate the player to get as much out of the game as possible. When you choose which Mii to use you see the medals listed underneath it. If there is one that isnt a platinum medal there it annoys the hell out of me and really drives me to hundred percent the game. On top of that in the level select screen you also see huge medals next to the levels to make it clear which once you have to get your score up on.

If it wasnt for this design decision on Nintendos part I probably never would have gone back to Links Crossbow Training. I would have gotten less then an hour of play time out of it and missed out on some of the most fun in the game. Instead I was up until two in the morning making sure that I got a platinum medal on every level.