Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sweet but a little too short

The other day I wrote about how nice it is with short games. Then I was talking Silent Hill 3 which took about seven hours. Which doesnt sound so short compared to Ghost Squads 30 minutes. Thats right, it took me just half an hour to beat Ghost Squad. That is a little too short for my taste.

Of course Ghost Squad was designed for the Arcade where half an hour is a whole bunch or quarters. Sega have tried to remedy this somewhat when bringing it to the home console. Ghost Squad actually has a surprising amount of replayability. So Im tempted to forgive Sega for the games short length. You can level up your character as well as level up the stages making them harder. This makes you want to play through the game several times. You can also take multiple routs through the levels, some only available on harder difficulties. So the experience is a little different each time.