Friday, May 2, 2008

Sorry but the lock on this door is broken

Im loving Silent Hill 3, I really am but there is one thing that is bugging me. The game is filled with doors, your run around in office buildings and hospitals so there is is going to be a lot of doors everywhere. The thing is you cant open 80% of these doors. They arent just locked because if they were locked it would mean you could find a key to open them. The locks on the doors are broken, you are going to read that line of text a hundred times.

I dont think I ever in my life have encountered a broken lock, yet in Silent Hill almost every lock is broken. Its clear that these doors are only there for decoration but you dont know which doors can be opened and which cant. It would make sense to make the "real" doors another color or give the player some other cue which doors are worth trying to open. No instead you have to try to open every door.

Maybe this is a trick to scare the player. Trying desperately open doors only to find out that their locks are broken when being chased by some big freakish creature can be kinda scary. But its still very annoying.

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