Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Short and sweet

Last night I finished Silent Hill 3. It took me a about 7 hours to beat the game. I really enjoyed it but Im still glad it ended when it did. Seven hours was enough for such an intense experience as Silent Hill 3. If it went on much longer it would have run the risk of being repetitious. This way I never got tired of it and the twisted world never ceased to give me a strong uncomfortable feeling.

I would like more games to be under 10 hours. It gives you a compact and varied experience that holds your interest all the way through. Plus I would love to be able to finish more games. Too often I get bored with them and never come back.

What Silent Hill 3 does for the gamer who wants to get some more hours of gameplay out of his games is to offer a ranking system, multiple ending and some really cool unlockables. So there is enough there to motivate you to beat the game several times. For me the first play through was enough and Im very satisfied with it but I do appreciate all this stuff being there.

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