Monday, May 5, 2008

Perfect for the busy gamer

I have been busy the past few days, working a lot and trying to spend some quality time with the family. These are times when I really appreciate my DS. Its perfect when you dont have a lot of time for gaming. Im able to quickly pull it out of my jacket and beat a level or two in Mystery Dungeon when I have a few minutes of free time.

Thats brings me to what has quickly become my favorite feature of the DS. Its not the touch screen or the dubble screen setup, its the ability to close the lid and have the system go in to sleep mode. This makes it possible to stop playing in a second and also to come back to the game and instantaneously be back in the middle of the action. I love how I can just stop playing in the middle of a boss battle and then come back to the game when I have time, no matter if thats 5 minutes later or the next day.