Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mario Kart competitions

Today I got a message on my Wii that Nintendo had launched the first of what they call "Mario Kart competitions". This is Nintendo setting up a special race of some kind and then letting you submit your time to Nintendo to participate in the competition.

What I found really interesting once I started the race was that Nintendo actually had taken their time to modify the course. The first competition takes place on Marios Circuit, a course where there is a giant Chain Chomp chained up to a pole. Only in this modified version of the track the Chain Chomp has gotten lose and is running wild. Going full speed in the opposite direction of traffic. This completely changes the experience of the track. If Nintendo keeps being this creative with the competition tracks I can see myself going back to Mario Kart every time a new competition starts.

Of course there are still problems with Nintendo and everything thats online, after I finished the race and tried to submit my time to Nintendo I got an error message and was booted back to the menu. My time wasnt that good anyway so I could care less but I can see this being extremely annoying if you manged to get real good time.