Monday, May 12, 2008

Weapon of choice

In both Brawl and Mario Kart you have a wide array of controller options. Just the Wiimote, Wiimote and Nunchuk, classic controller, Gamecube controller and in the case of Mario Kart the Wii Wheel.

I think its great that the player is given the option to use a more traditional controller when it comes to franchises that were not originally designed with the Wii in mind. The new control schemes might be great and enhance the experience but will be hard to convince a real Smash Bros fan of this or someone who has played Mario Kart since the SNES.

When I look back at games like Twilight Princess I wish that they would have included support for the Gamecube controller. I see why they didnt, they needed a game to show off the Wii with. Now on the other hand the Wii has proven itself and thats no longer necessary.

Still its very surprising that a Japanese company like Nintendo would do something like this. They are usually all about offering a very controlled experience where the player experiences the game just the way its creators imagined. Customizable controls are usually found in western games and never in Nintendo games.

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