Saturday, May 3, 2008

Component cables and Playstation 1 games

Im have been slowly playing through Final Fantasy IX for the past few weeks. Up until now I have had my PS2 hooked up using normal composite cables. Which has worked fine but I changed to component cables a little while ago. I didnt expect to see that much of a difference on a low res PS1 game but man was I wrong. The new crisp picture is beautiful and the game looks a lot better then before. The picture is so nice Im even considering playing through Final Fantasy 7 when Im done with 9. The art in all of the modern FF games is really impressive and viewing it though component cables makes so much better.

I even popped in the psx port of Chrono Trigger to see how a 2D game would look and even that looked great. Maybe not as huge of a step up as with a 3D game but still really nice. I never did beat that game so maybe Im gonna have to go back to that too. If I do its going to be so much more enjoyable with component cables.


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