Monday, May 12, 2008

Bragging rights

I have written before about how Mario Kart is great at rewarding you for your hard work and motivating you to really get everything out of the game. One way they do it that I havent mentioned yet is using the online mode.

If you really play the hell out of the game and manage to get a star ranking in every cup you will be rewarded with a golden star next to your name online. If you are truly amazing and manage to get two or three stars in every cup this will also show up next to your name. So if you ever see someone with three stars next to his name you know you are facing a Mario Kart god. This is a great way for the player to show off his accomplishment to the world. It will surely also get a lot of gamers to go back and try to get a higher ranking. I know it makes me want to go back to single player and try to do even better so that I get that star.

Also if you play a lot online using the Wii Wheel and do well you will be rewarded with a golden wheel next to your name. This is really smart since the players using a regular controller usually have a competitive edge over those who use the wheel. Now there is a reason to play with the wheel and it gives those who prefer the wheel a way to show that they can still kick some ass, even with the odds against them.

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