Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beating games

I like to feel that I have beaten a game before I put it away. But when is that really? Usually it means beating the last boss on normal and getting to see the end credits. But not always, I dont feel like Im done with modern Mario game before I get all 120 stars. Thats long after beating the last boss and having seen the end credits. What about Links Crossbow Training, that game doesnt even have any end credits, I had to get a platinum ranking on everything there to feel that I had beaten that game. How about games with different endings? I got the good ending in Silent Hill 3 but if i hadnt, would I have felt the need to replay that whole game? In House of the Dead 2 beating the game in original mode didnt feel like enough so Im now trying to beat it in arcade mode. Mario Kart is even worse, I have gotten a gold medal on everything but there is so much more content in that game so I cant decide if Im done with it or not.

Of course these are just silly rules I make up for myself to have a clear goal to aim for. The reason I started thinking about it in the first place is because Im playing Ghost Squad. I have written before about how it only took me 30 minutes to beat that game. But have I really beaten it? The game is really made to be replayed over and over again so when am I done with it. Do I have to get my guy up to level 99, unlock all costumes and all weapons? No that would be ridiculous. I think I found a good medium when I decided to unlock and play all alternative routes in the game. There is a nice chart and a percentage meter in the corner every time you beat a level so its easy to keep track of.

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