Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leveling the playing field

I have been playing a lot of Mario Kart, both online and offline. Whats so special about this series is that Nintendo has done everything to level the playing field and made it possible for people of every skill level to still compete and have fun. Unlike a game like Call Of Duty 4 where you are rewarded with better weapons etc for doing well. In Mario Kart its the other way around.

If you are last you will have the biggest chance of getting great items that will help you catch up. If you are in first place you wont get anything other than shitty turtle shells and bananas. Not only that, you will also be the target of flying blue shells that only target the player in first place.

This is nothing new, it it how the series has always been. But it is perfect for the Wii. A system thats enjoyed both by traditional gamers and a growing crowd of casual gamers. And Mario Karts "rubber band AI" as its often called makes it possible for these two groups to play together. Even if the more hard core player will probably win most of the time the beginner will still have a decent chance. Something that isnt true in most other driving games.